Our Promise

Love it or let us know

We strive to meet or exceed SLAs every time - whether it is part of a multi-year Managed Services agreement or a one off project. If you do not get what you expected, let us know and we will make it right.

EMERGE works to clear service levels so that our performance is transparent allowing us to stand by Our Promise.

Operations are founded on the desire to serve others as we wish to be treated, thereby building long-term relationships.

Importance of People – EMERGE takes great pride in making a long term commitments to developing its people, which then allows us to deliver a consistent level of service to our clients.

When working within a larger organisation, we integrate with their global practices.


Pathways-Group - Our Promise

We pay fair salaries, maintain a safe work environment and tolerable working hours, and do not otherwise exploit workforces. We seek to "give back" by providing such things as ongoing education for our regular, contract and temporary staff. In selecting suppliers, we seek partners who do not use exploited labour. gfgf


Pathways-Group - Our Promise

We endeavour to reduce our ecological footprint by minimizing the use of office consumables, managing energy consumption and recycling to the extent possible. On the community side, we encourage and support our staff to participate in charity and CSR activities – this goes well beyond the usual “fun runs” for our team is involved in long term sustainable work with the world’s extremely poor in locations such as Myanmar, Cambodia and the Sudan.


Pathways-Group - Our Promise

We have to make a fair financial profit to remain in business. Beyond this, we consider the real economic benefit generated by our activities in the societies in which we operate. This means when a staff member or a supplier commits to work with us, we commit to transparently and sustainably provide them with a source of economic value. Similarly, we seek not to transfer hidden costs to the community thereby inflating our true ecological and social profit.