HR Managed Services

Difficult Employee Terminations

  • It can be complicated
  • Definitely something you do not want to get wrong in Japan

Employment Contracts

  • Contracts & non-compete agreements
  • Supplied by EMERGE, or
  • Localisation of your contract


  • Performance-based
  • Sales force
  • Allowances such as housing

Interim HR Leadership

  • When getting established in Japan
  • Project implementation
  • Short term back-fill


  • An unfortunate fact of business life. When it happens, it needs to be handles with finesse and dignity

Payroll & Social Security

  • Health insurance
  • Pension
  • Nursing Insurance
  • Children Upbringing
  • Unemployement Insurance
  • Expense Management

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Attract, Hire & Retain Better Talent, More Economically

We deliver tangible ROI at every stage of the process:

  • A brand-led approach to talent acquisition underpinned by innovation in communications channels

  • Cost-effective resourcing solutions supported by leading edge technology, metrics and insight

  • Process-driven methodology, delivered end-to-end on a project or enterprise-wide basis

RPO in more detail