Project & Contracting Specialists

Pathways-Group, Project & Contracting Specialists

Take advantage of your experience on a project basis

PCS focuses on specialists and managers and provides contract, temporary and temporary to permanent positions. Once you've registered with EMERGE, experts in your field will propose high-quality positions that suit your background.

Pathways-Group, Project & Contracting Specialists

Work-Life Balance

Retain your job title while enhancing work life balance by being able to determine your working hours and similar conditions. Additionally, as PCS is about placing you in positions that focus on your skills and experience, it means that there is a higher expected level of income compared to general administrative temporary placements.

Pathways-Group, Project & Contracting Specialists

Restart your career

Corporations are increasingly searching for maturity with specialist and managerial skills on a contract basis. Because we focus on your career, the roles we offer are based on your accumulated experience rather than a rigid corporate hierarchy. Many of our placed professionals started on a contract basis then, as the employer began to understand their value, chose to move to full-time employment.

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Success Stories 

Mr P (33yo)

Previously:  Contractor | Desktop Engineer
Currently:  Fulltime | Workspace Engineer

Mr P graduated in Computer Science in the US but had always been interested in Japan. In Japan he worked for a number of years as an internal IT System Admin at a language school. However, his lack of enterprise level IT support experience meant that IT jobs for which he was certified eluded him. PATHWAYS was able to offer Mr P a contract opportunity as a Desktop Engineer with a global financial institution. The experience worked well for both the client and Mr P and lead to a further project for a major system migration. Mr P was subsequently offered a full-time position as a Desktop Engineer.

Mrs A (52yo)

Previously:  Contractor | IT Project Management
Currently: Fulltime | IT Relationship Manager

In the global financial crisis of 2008 Mrs A was offered early retirement by the financial institution where she worked as a full time employee for over 10 years as an IT Operations Manager. While she was eager to continue working, she was unable to find a fulltime position so she took a number of IT Project Management contract roles. This enabled her to gain experience in a variety of environments while keeping up to date with technology. Due to her performance during her last contract role provided by PATHWAYS she was offered full-time employment.

Ms T (26yo)

Previously:  Contractor | Translation Coordinator
Currently: Fulltime | Translation Project Manager

Ms T completed a Masters in Linguistics in the UK. In preparation for her return to Japan PATHWAYS found her a role as a contract translation coordinator in a global company. Having been able to demonstrate her professionalism, she was subsequently hired on a full-time basis.

Mrs H (32yo)

Previously: Part-time contractor
Currently: Fulltime | HR Manager

Mrs H had solid career in HR in her home country and moved to Japan with her family. She then began looking for a part-time role that would enable her to enter the workforce in Japan. Through PATHWAYS Mrs. H was able to secure contract work that suited her schedule with her family. When her child reached school age her contract was extended to fulltime from where she was subsequently offered full time employment in the same company.