Value Proposition

Working with Great People – why would you want to spend a working day doing anything else? For our Team Members, EMERGE provides a solid value proposition:

   Intangible Contract

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EMERGE has a flat, un-bureaucratic culture. Internally we have no job titles. In our outsourced service teams there are defined roles but in other areas of the company members operate in self governing project teams. This lets people contribute without being frustrated by bureaucracy. In short, operating this way is better attuned to today’s mix of work and life than the traditional hierarchical pyramid.

Blind to differences
We do not have gender quotas, age restrictions or forced diversity: we just have great people. The result is a significant degree of diversity inside EMERGE.

Triple Bottom Line
EMERGE seeks sustainable results and therefore measures performance in the areas of People, Planet & Profit. Click the Triple Bottom Line link to learn more about what this means in practice.

Formally transparent
EMERGE publishes a rolling 12-month road map of where the company is going. Ever half year managers or project teams openly report on what was achieved & what they failed to achieve against the road map. This not only means that all Team Members know where the company is going, but also how successful we are in proactively shaping the direction of the company.

"Balanced SMART Goal" system
We recognise that Team Members differ in their desire to advance their career. So rather than prescribe a one-size-fits-all policy such as “each Team Member must have 4 professional development goals”, we work with each Team Member to encompass their professional and lifestyle goals. For those that want to quickly advance their career we will support them in achieving their professional development goals. For others (having a child, aiming to complete your first triathlon…) more modest professional goals may make sense. In essence, we work with you to ensure you get the balance desire between work and life.

   Formal Contract

Pathways-Group, Join Us, Value Proposition, Formal Contract

At competitive market levels with a yearly salary review.

Paid professional development
An amount equivalent to 3.5% of your salary is allocated to you (this is in addition to your salary) for items such as books, workshops, e-learning and other forms of professional development.

Geographical mobility for High Performers
For high performing Team Members who have worked with EMERGE for 18+ months and who wish to undertake an extended period in another location, EMERGE will make reasonable efforts to accommodate this. Generally this is done by finding a Team Member who will “swap” roles for 1-2 years or by filling a vacancy in another location.

ITIL Foundation Certification
​ITIL Foundation e-learning is provided to IT Team Members who elect to become certified in ITIL. All IT Team Members are encouraged to obtain their ITIL foundation certificate.

Performance-based annual bonus
A discretionary bonus based on a combination the annual performance of EMERGE and the performance of the Team Member.

Certification bonus
EMERGE encourages and rewards ongoing professional development. A certification bonus paid on gaining any of a wide range of professional certifications.