Hiring Process

GREAT PEOPLE – we have a team of great people so we make a real effort to ensure not only that you will be a great fit for EMERGE but we will be the type of place that you will enjoy and where you can succeed. 

Pathways-Group, Join Us, Hiring Process

STEP 1: Apply to Join

Apply to join EMERGE by entering your information and submitting our online form on the following link:

Apply to join EMERGE

Pathways-Group, Join Us, Hiring ProcessSTEP 2: Phone Interview

After reviewing your resume, our HR department will be in touch to set up a phone interview with you. The phone interview questions will cover your career and some background information. This ensures that we have accurate information that shows you in your best light.

Pathways-Group, Join Us, Hiring ProcessSTEP 3: Screening Interview

The screening interview will be conducted by the hiring manager either by phone or face to face. The questions will be focused on your suitability for a position in EMERGE. Of course, you are welcome to ask anything you want to know about our company or the role.

Pathways-Group, Join Us, Hiring ProcessSTEP 4: Deep Dive Interview

You will then be invited to do a face to face interview with the hiring manager in which you will be asked specific questions regarding your professional experiences. We really want to make sure you are a great fit for EMERGE and that we will be a great fit for your needs.

Pathways-Group, Join Us, Hiring ProcessSTEP 5: Open Office

Open Office is an opportunity for you to visit our offices and speak with our Team Members. These Team Members may be your future colleagues and therefore it is important you spend some time getting to know them and the EMERGE culture.

Pathways-Group, Join Us, Hiring ProcessSTEP 6: Offer of Employment

Once an offer is made, a starting day will be agreed based upon your availability and the needs of the position. For example, if you are hired as a consultant, you may be asked to join at a scheduled intake, ensuring you will be provided with in-depth training as part of the intake group.

Apply to Join EMERGE