SCADA Engineer 【外資系ITサービスプロバイダー】 Contract @Shinjuku

Job Title: SCADA Engineer 【外資系ITサービスプロバイダー】 Contract @Shinjuku
Location: KANAGAWA
Reference: 2624
Contact Name: Junichiro Kadomoto
Job Published: August 15, 2019 11:01

Job Description


外資系ITサービスプロバイダーにて、(電力、オイル、ガス、水力などの)エネルギー、化学、インフラなどの基幹産業でのOT/ICS(Industrial Control Systems)経験をお持ちのエンジニアを募集しております。

The ideal candidate will possess an understanding of OT/ICS fundamentals including but not limited to:

distributed control system (DCS) and supervisory control & data acquisition (SCADA) architecture and the role of common system components

understanding of OT/ICS design considerations with emphasis on human safety and the availability/security of operating environment

knowledge of IT and OT security best practices and understanding of the differences

understanding of protocols common in OT/ICS environments

preparation, review, and maintenance of documents, policies, and standards governing the security operations for OT/ICS equipment and networks

  • Lead maintenance and administration efforts of internal OT/ICS infrastructure (Purdue Level 0-3.5) utilizing strong understanding of OT/ICS environments
  • Support current and legacy computer technologies in OT/ICS environment. Operating systems may include Windows 95 through Windows 10 and various Linux operating system such as Red Hat & Ubuntu
  • Participate in OT/ICS security incident response through all phases
  • Consult on OT/ICS security matters as needed
  • Act as a liaison between operations and corporate IT security teams
  • Design, implement and manage innovative solutions for complex security and OT/ICS infrastructure environments
  • Work closely with customer business and technical teams to identify OT & IoT Security requirements, and opportunities to sell more OT & IoT Security consulting and engineering related services
  • Work closely with customer business and technical teams and provide expert guidance on assessing current OT & IoT security policies and controls, identifying gaps and make recommendations on minimizing risk.


  • In depth understanding of operating systems, network/system architecture, and IT architecture design
  • Experience with operational technologies such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software, and Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Understanding of IT and OT network communication protocols (including TCP/IP, UDP, DNP3, Modbus, IEC 61850, OPC, OPC UA, and PROFINET) and ability to perform packet analysis
  • Understanding of threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits in OT/ICS environments and appropriate mitigation techniques
  • 6-10 years’ experience in OT/ICS Security with a track record of successful accomplishments
  • Superior organization and follow-upskills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated ability to lead, motivate, and participate as a team player
  • Creative problem solver
  • Language: Japanese (JLPT N3 or above) & English (Business level)

Job details

Language requirement
Japanese (Business), English (Business)