AWS Solution Architect【外資系ITサービスプロバイダー】1年契約 横浜勤務 ~10M

Job Title: AWS Solution Architect【外資系ITサービスプロバイダー】1年契約 横浜勤務 ~10M
Location: KANAGAWA
Reference: 2564
Contact Name: Junichiro Kadomoto
Job Published: July 10, 2019 08:55

Job Description



- Lead architect role to envision and define the AWS cloud architecture to cater both current and future needs. Focus on high- availability, high-performance, fault tolerance, and auto-scaling in the architecture.

- Designing and developing AWS services like Storage (S3, EBS, EFS), Database (RedShift, RDS, Dynamo DB and Aurora), Compute (EC2 and Lambda), Glue Services, Stream processing, Sage maker, Networking (VPC) and Security (IAM).
- Design and configure migration of on premise data by using AWS Glue services (Source crawlers, Data catalog and Glue pipeline). Migration of data from on premise to Redshift, S3, RDS etc.
- Design and configure AWS Resources like Connective, Security Group, IAM Roles etc.
- Coordinate with the client stakeholders and collaborate with offshore team to deliver the work products on time.
- Create the requirements and architecture artifacts.


- 8-12 years of professional experience in IT industry, specifically looking for an AWS cloud specialist who has strong competency in Data lake architecture and DWH/BI architecture with extensive usage of ETL, DQ, Data management, BI and advanced analytics skills. Bilingual skills (Japanese and English speaking skills) is must.

Job details

Language requirement
English (Fluent), Japanese (Fluent)