How our Service Works

Pathways-Group, How Our Service Works

  1. Register & submit your resume
    We will then review the information you have provided in preparation for contacting you.

  2. Consultant discussion
    A consultant will contact you to arrange an interview. During the interview the consultant will ask about your career plans, background, work experience, language ability and salary expectations. The consultant will be able to advise you on your career direction and the current job market.

  3. Introduction to jobs
    After analysing your interests and needs, we will determine if we can currently provide introductions to suitable jobs. Details of client companies and positions will then be provided to you. If you are interested and agree to proceed, we will make a recommendation to the client as to your suitability and send your resume.

  4. Interviews and preparation
    After being introduced to a client, our consultants work hard to secure an interview for you. We will also help prepare you for the interview and act as a negotiator for the remainder of the hiring process. Using our experience we advise both candidates and clients on matters such as compensation and employment terms. After the interview the consultant will de-brief you and endeavour to get feedback from the client.

  5. Job offers
    If you are successful in receiving a job offer, our consultant will assist you in negotiating your starting date and other employment terms. Please be aware that job offers may be conditional upon providing satisfactory references or other factors.

  6. Follow up
    EMERGE takes pride in finding the right match of job for you and the best candidates for our clients. To ensure continuing success, we encourage you to contact us should you encounter any problems particularly during the critical first few months. In addition, we can also provide you with support such as career advice, market & industry information and networking opportunities.